sLDN (staked LDN)

sLDN characteristics

Staking allows you to earn more LDN passively via compounding rebase rewards.

By staking your LDN with Lydian, you receive sLDN(staked LDN) in return at a 1:1 ratio. After you receive your sLDN, your can claim your sLDN rewards that have been growing based on their respective APY.

On every rebase (3x/day) you get rewards based on the amount in your wallet + the rewards you still need to claim.

The original amount of sLDN that you have staked can be sent or wrapped at any time. However, before you can send or wrap sLDN rebase rewards you have earned, you will first need to claim those rewards. (those rewards have been accruing their own rewards as well).

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