Core Vision

Lydian is a community-driven DAO that features DeFi 2.0 mechanics at its core and resides on the Stacks Blockchain. The vision we have is for Lydian to be a fun and profitable project for both DeFi experts and for those new to DeFi. We want all members to benefit by staking 3.3 without needing to be concerned with the details of farming and having to stay updated on the latest news regarding protocols and features.

We want our members to feel confident that together, as a DAO, we are committed to being the best DeFi project out there. As such, Lydian will grow as the ecosystem grows. The treasury of Lydian will be put to use in various farming opportunities in the ecosystem, while also maintaining the TBV (Treasury Backed Value). The key focus of the DAO is to actively manage our treasury for optimal sustainable growth.

This will benefit the Lydian community by investing the income that flows into the treasury. It will also benefit the Stacks ecosystem because Lydian's treasury results in TVL and protocol revenue.

The community on Stacks will benefit from a central agora to gather and discuss the wider DeFi movement while profiting from treasury growth together.

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