Initial Token Distribution

Initial Token Distribution

First let’s dive right into the distribution of the initial token supply.

The initial supply will be 15 385 LDN, of which 10 000 LDN will be sold during the Lydian kick-off Treasury Bootstrapping Event (read more below).

In short:

65% of the initial supply will be up for sale during our Lydian kick-off Bootstrapping Event.

The remainder of the supply (35%) will be reserved for multiple purposes:

  • 2,5% of this supply will account for the initial liquidity to jumpstart the protocol;

  • 12,5% of this supply will be donated to the Arkadiko DAO;

  • 20% will be reserved to cover the costs of development, maintenance and auditing of Lydian.

We’ve decided to allocate a chunk of the initial supply to the Arkadiko treasury for the following reasons:

  1. Arkadiko is the leading DeFi protocol on Stacks and has a strong community that we want to attract;

  2. We want to incentivise the Arkadiko DAO to accept LDN as a pair on the swap;

  3. We expect the Arkadiko treasury to further distribute the LDN tokens to their community, creating an initial user base of DeFi users for Lydian.

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