Example: Participate in the first Bond Offering

1A. When starting from the Auction

  • On the Lydian dApp (www.lydian.xyz) claim your tokens as wLDN or if you have claim them as LDN, use the "Wrap" function on the Lydian dApp to convert your LDN to wLDN.

1B. When starting from the Arkadiko airdropped tokens

2. Getting the LP token

  • Add the tokens (wLDN and USDA) with equal value to the pool, corresponding to for how much you would like to participate in the Bond Offering. The current value of wLDN is 83.280217 USDA. Meaning for each wLDN, you'll need an equal value of USDA to add to the pool. In exchange you will receive an LP token.

3. Participating in the Bond Offering

  • On the Lydian dApp (www.lydian.xyz), navigate to Bonds from the menu. Available starting Tuesday, 22nd of March, 2 pm CET, 9 am EST, 10 pm KST/JST, for a maximum of 5 days.

  • Put in the amount of LP tokens you would like to Deposit. In exchange for your LP token, you will receive an amount of sLDN.

  • The amount of sLDN you will receive is based on the value of your LP token. Let's take a look at an example: 1 wLDN = 83.28 USD You decide to get participate in the Bond Offering with 100 of your wLDN. You pair the 100 wLDN with 8,328 USDA (100x83.28 USDA), since both tokens need to be 50/50 in the pool. The LP tokens you will get in exchange have a total value of 16,656 USDA (2x100x83.28 USDA). The Bond offered on Lydian offers a max. of 14% discount The discount of 14% means you will receive 14% more sLDN than the value of your LP tokens. In numbers: The total value of your LP tokens was 16,656 USDA. When deposited in the Bond Offering at 14% discount, this means you will receive:

sLDN=Value  of  LP(Value  per  wLDN  token)(100%discount%)sLDN = \dfrac{Value \;of\; LP}{ (Value \;per\; wLDN\; token) (100\%-discount\%)}
232.5581  sLDN=16,656  USDA(83.28  USDA    0.86)232.5581 \;sLDN = \dfrac{16,656 \;USDA} {(83.28 \;USDA\;\; 0.86)}
  • Without the Bond Offering discount, the amount of sLDN tokens received would be:

200  sLDN=16,656  USDA83.28  USDA200 \;sLDN = \dfrac{16,656 \;USDA} {83.28 \;USDA}
  • Meaning you will have received 32.5581 sLDN tokens more than the value of your LP token.

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