wLDN (wrapped LDN)

wLDN characteristics

Wrapping of LDN enables the sLDN token to be used on other protocols and in the future might even go off-chain.

Both sLDN and wLDN will generate rebase rewards.

The benefit of holding wLDN over sLDN is that you do not need to manually claim your rebase rewards, instead the value of your wLDN will automatically increase.

wLDN is a representation of a separate sLDN pool. The sLDN pool grows because of rebase rewards and the index will increase to track the ratio of wLDN over sLDN in the pool.

wLDN for bonding [deprecated]

To participate in the first bonding event of Lydian:

Trade your wLDN and USDA (pair) for wLDN-USDA LP tokens on Arkadiko to participate in the first bonding event on Lydian.

When bonding, additional sLDN tokens are created by the bonding mechanism which enables the protocol to own wLDN-USDA LP tokens.

In the future, decisions will be made on which other tokens should be accepted for bonds and thus become part of Lydian’s treasury.

Likely token candidates for LP for the next Bonds will enable Lydian to start expanding and deploying its Yield Farming Strategies further across the ecosystem.

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